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Buck Peterson’s
Complete Guide to Deer Hunting

One of the most popular books on the subject; with over 150,000 copies in print. Divided into the hunted (the deer), the hunter (resident, non-resident, divorced, trophy, gay, disabled, etc.) and hunting (methods, weapons, and ethics such as what to do if someone else is in your stand). Special bonus: The White Lies of Deer Hunting!

Deer Hunting Cover

ISBN: 0-89815-291-7

"The Complete Guide to Deer Hunting covers all the ground that you would expect of such a book, and addresses such vital questions as: "Do deer mate for life, like geese and people who read good books?" "Do deer like being deer?" No subject is too trivial for Buck. If you are going to hunt deer in the Upper Midwest, there is even a chapter on how to eat lutefisk. If you have not had occasion to eat lutefisk before, this advice alone is worth the price of the book. In only 153 easy-to-read pages, Buck Peterson has managed to offend just about everyone who hunts, and if you don’t find something to bridle at, you haven’t read closely enough. For this reason, no hunting camp should be without a copy of Buck’s tome. No, two copies…in case someone burns the first."
Field & Stream

"Now Thats a Haul....Recommended New Books: Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Deer Hunting, by the author of The Original Roadkill Cookbook, takes up where other guides leave off. Chockfull of tongue-in-cheek suggestions, tips and anecdotes, it probably won’t help you bag a buck, but it will make your efforts much more enjoyable. A must for hunters who think they know it all."
Sports Afield

"This is the funniest book ever written on deer hunting! Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Deer Hunting will bring you close to wetting your pants. It’s outrageous! …You gotta have this in camp this year. It pokes fun at deer hunters, anti-hunters, the deer themselves and anyone or anything associated with deer hunting."
Sportsman’s Guide

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