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The Endangered Species Cookbook

Who would have thought spotted owls tasted so much like chicken? This culinary romp through the habitats of the threatened and endangered species pushes the envelope right off the kitchen table. Buck reveals the intrinsic value (or at least the food value) of species not quite so much at large – wisdom previously buried in arcane reference works and barely accessible scientific journals. One of the least known but most "green" books on the subject.

Endangered Cover

ISBN: 0-89815-556-8

"It’s illegal for the ordinary person to possess the tastiest cuts of endangered meats. Burp. Excuse me. Panther meat always does that to me."
Betty Cracker, Dietician, Executive Dining Room, U.S. Endangered Fish and Wildlife Service

"Around our slash pile, Buck stands as tall and straight as a mighty Douglas Fir!"
Big John, Crew Chief, Big Timber Mountain Clear-cut

"While Buck may not be our first choice to guard the spotted owls, he’s certainly not our last choice. But real close."
Ms. Marble Murrelet, Head Warbler, Off Shore Audubon Society.

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