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Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Fishing

If you’ve ever wondered what is a fish, what do fish eat, what do fishermen eat and drink or why fly fishing is considered a social dysfunction, let "The Answerman in a World without Question" be your guide. This guidebook is written for a gentler, kinder fishing hole, before the world of the gear-banger spins out of control in the false casting of the fly-by-day or night fisherman. Another outdoor classic from the Master-Guide-To-All-That-Is-Wild-In-The-Outdoors.

Complete Guide to Fishing

ISBN: 0-89815-405-7

"This one’s just for laughs. Peterson and cartoonist J. Angus McLean poke fun at fish, anglers and everything about the sport…. There may or not be some practical information here. With Peterson in charge, it’s hard to tell."
Milwaukee JournalBuck Peterson Reservations For 2....

"Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Fishing is very informative as well, but will have you laughing so hard you might miss valuable lessons."
Syracuse New Times

"A humorous look at fishing with every fish and every type of angler fair game for Buck’s satire."
The Black Bass Journal

"What you can say about Buck is that he has a genius for offending as many people as possible in the minimum amount of words. Just when you think he is about to say something serious or worthwhile, he will revert to character, and insult your favorite fish, or your political beliefs, or your country of origin, or your old Mom….It is, however, pretty funny, whether you’re a fisherman or not."
Field & Stream

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