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Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Bird Hunting

Or How to Avoid Sitting-Duck Syndrome While Cleaning and Eating Birds of a Feather

Forget gun control. The real issue for gunowners is "Can we use these firesticks to nab some flying animals for dinner?" And following that: "Those flying animals sure do move around a lot."

Gun-toting, good-natured nature lover Buck "Buck" Peterson is back with his double-barreled wit (one barrel to shoot, the other to actually hit something)--this time targeting birds, clays, and other things that fly, weave, dive, or skedaddle. In Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Bird Hunting, the legendary hunter offers advice on everything from shotguns ("Dear Buck: How do you know when you have too much gun? When you close your eyes before pulling the trigger.") to gun safety ("At the firing range, do not tell the range officers that Marines are Navy MPs"), to techniques for bird cleaning in motel rooms.

ISBN 978-1-58008-739-1
192 Pages
6 x 8 inches
illustrations throughout

Whether an avid duck hunter, goose stalker, or just a player of duck-duck-goose, everyone is sure to appreciate the fowl humor of Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Bird Hunting. Everyone that is, except for: animal right activists, the squeamish, the Amish, the Irish, game wardens, game players, player-haters, and anyone who says "tastes like chicken."

BUCK PETERSON is the author of 13 books on the great outdoors, including the best-selling The Original Roadkill Cookbook.

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