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"America’s Most Trusted Naturalist" and the author of many family classics, including The Original Roadkill Cookbook and Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Deer Hunting, …Fishing and …Indoor Sports (Ten Speed Press). Buck makes his home in Buck’s Wilderness Lodge and Advanced Plucking Institute in Northernmost Minnesota. For those driving, the lodge is just north and right of Mist County and sits on Big Babe Lake, a much better walleye fishing lake than Lake Wobegon. In fact, the shoreline of the lake to the south and left is starting to look like an overstuffed Twin City suburb with Robert Bly’s drumming still echoing through the few birch trees left standing.

Buck’s Advanced Plucking Institute invites learned discussions and, more importantly, charitable contributions towards answering questions that have stumped deep thinkers and outdoorsmen with questions such as: Are mallard pin feathers best removed by hot wax or by letting the guide do all the work? Buck’s avian research has been featured in all major media and the master guide was once interviewed to host a PBS style TV program on wildlife. Unfortunately once the station received his "body of work", they retracted any interest saying Buck’s active "consumptive" approach to the outdoors would "not be appropriate to our viewers".

J. Angus "Sourdough" McLean shares Buck’s enthusiasm for all things wild and has lavishly illustrated his entire library of public service guidebooks. An old marsh rat like Buck, "Sourdough" is a true sportsman and good sport, and his fine illustrations expand and refresh the tradition of sporting art.

Buck is currently on assignment in the Pacific Northwest, scouring the shoreline for beached gray whales on behalf of several well-known cat food manufacturers.

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