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Buck Peterson’s Complete Guide to Indoor Life:
Hotels, Conventions and Exhibitions

As a most often uninvited educational and motivational speaker, Buck has slept in hotel bedrooms and ballrooms, sold widgets on the convention floor and tried to catch the bartender’s eye when both are swollen from last nights bar fight. This survival guide is the perfect gift for those forced to sleep in someone else’s bed, eat someone else’s food, listen to someone else’s words, sell someone else’s goods and services and return home with acute post-natal alcoholic syndrome and a souvenir t-shirt that says I Heart Cleveland.

Guide to Indoor Life Cover

ISBN: 0-89815-468-5

"In his light-hearted look at the hospitality industry, Peterson leaves nothing untouched."
Meeting News

"If you’ve ever been to one of the events mentioned in the subtitle, you gotta have this book. It’s hilarious."
Lincoln Journal Star

"Handy book as a gift to fellow meetingites."
Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Anyone who loves a good laugh, even when it’s at their own expense, will enjoy Buck’s satiric and highly "unconventional" survival guide for anyone attending a hotel meeting, convention or trade show. …it’s an amusing gift item for planners and hoteliers who need a good humor break."
Meetings California

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