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The International Roadkill Cookbook

Nutritious speed bumps in the third and forth world served up as Jerkin’ Chicken and Camero Llamero from Central and South America, Bangered and Mashed and Cockie-Go-Leekie from United Kingdom and Ireland, Rollunpulse, Donder Up Yonder, Hasenpflatten and Chicken Squashatore from Europe, the eastern European soup Squorscht (which can’t be beat) and Dumbo Gumbo from Africa and No ExCouscous and Shushed Kebabs from the Middle East. Asia and India are well represented with suggestions such as Chicken Peeloff and Rikki-Sticki-Taffy.

International Cover

ISBN: 0-89815-567-3

"Moan ami, if Buck was French, we’d declare him a national treasure!"
Auguste Escoffier, IV, Head chef, EuroDisneyland

"Yahooooo.....A partially tongue-in-cheek guide to living off the land….Peterson’s first road kill cookbook was a general introduction to the subject; this one takes a global view of the situation. The author runs down the basics of both road kill and international travel before launching into a worldwide tour of smooshed cuisine."

"What’s so funny about our sedan? If it’s clunky enough for us, it’s clunky enough for everyone!"
Tvorge Tvorgenson, Design Chief, Volvo Intl.

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