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"If this is bad science, it’s darn good bad science." International Center for Animal Studies

"A major contribution to American intellectual history." Canadian Intellectual History

"…practical advice for outdoorsmen in the 21st century." Scripps Howard News Service

"A significant departure from mainstream thinking."
From an unreleased document by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"If the book can get people to think more about our natural wildlife resources then I am glad it was written."
Wildlife Damage Control

"How Buck gets published is a great mystery to me."
Jon A. Jackson, author of the "Fang" Mulheisen mysteries

ISBN#: 1-56352-546-1

Preparing for the new millennium is a national pastime. Yet nearly all our time and energy is focused on understanding the changes of our techno-logical environment, ignoring the millennial mutations of our natural environment. In fact, the Millennium "bug" will prove to be the least important animal in a future full of furred and feathered native Americans with their own bill of rights. Enter best-selling Buck Peterson, author of The Original Roadkill Cookbook (Ten Speed Press) and other public service guides, who presents practical advice for outdoorsmen in the 21st century. Says Peterson, "The 21st Century presents a new set of challenges for people planning to go anywhere outdoors – on vacation, to work or just to the backyard. Armed with the typical field guide, the average citizen will not be prepared to cope with the wilder wildlife already taking residence in our cities and suburbs. Wildlife of the New Millennium is a must-read for all concerned Americans as we enter the 21st Century."

Not your everyday guidebook, Wildlife of the New Millennium is an irreverent yet informed satirical look at how well-intentioned humans and single minded animals interact as urban growth sprawls over original animal habitat, creating a mobile wild kingdom with city habits that would embarrass Mother Nature.

Brimming with scientific detail and lavishly illustrated by noted wildlife artist, J. Angus McLean, Wildlife of the New Millennium is the first and most comprehensive field guide of its kind and has already reached required reading-status at Buck Peterson’s alma mater, the University of the Great Loon Spirit, somewhere slightly north of Nevis, Minnesota. This guide re-defines the "wild" in wildlife, provides life and limb-saving tips for planned and surprise interactions with the mega-fauna and offers rare insight into how wildlife will or will not adapt to the next 100 years of unbridled economic prosperity.

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