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ISBN#: 1-56352-546-1

A Field Guide

According to Buck, "With the changes in wildlife we anticipate in the new millennium, it’s difficult to overstate the timeliness and importance of this book. Come January 1, 2000, you won’t want to walk out your back door without a copy of this book in one hand and a Louisville Slugger (Joe DiMaggio edition) in the other."

P.S. In 1993, Joe authorized the production of 1,941 special edition bats to commemorate the year of his 56 game hitting streak. When "The Yankee Clipper" was called to the celestial outfield, these signed and numbered bats became even more collectible and should only be used for emergency wildlife control.

"We can never have enough nature"
.....Henry David Thoreau Walden "Spring"

"Bet me"
....Animal Control Officer Walden Pond View Estates

Killer BeesBlack Bear:
Old diet – The original three preferred porridge; Yogi, a cartoon mutant, food in picnic baskets. Visiting bears from darkest Peru enjoyed marmalade. Black bears from the land of sky-blue waters still enjoy a tall cold Hamm’s.

Cat, Feral:
What to look for – balmy old cat lovers in sneakers, large hairballs made with wild songbird parts.

New behavior – prefers to mate with wolves but the latest Canadian arrivals in Yellowstone are unfamiliar with American dating behavior.

Deer, Whitetail:
New behavior – delighted with the long decline of wolves. Concerned with wolf re-introductions, the relaxing of bans on (suburban) hunting and the sprawling of mountain lion population.

Goose, Canadian, Giant:
Special tip for golfers – if your golf ball accidentally "lodges" in a giant goose, you can, without penalty, place Lucky Rabbitanother ball near the place where the "lodging" took place.

Mountain Lion:
Best place to view – your Ford/Mercury dealer where a sporty new Cougar awaits a test drive; worst place – anyplace you wear your new deerskin jacket.

New behavior – when the rabbit puts its best (rear) foot forward, it (still) works like a (lucky) charm.

Future – Raccoons are quick learners and, where pet food is not easily found, have petitioned trash can manufacturers for easier to operate foot controls and less heft in garbage bags.

Rat, Brown:
New diet – human food with a fondness for take-out. But even the Norway rat won’t eat lutefisk! They will, however, eat cat and dog poop which just goes to show you.

Future – squirrels are the number one revenue generator for animal nuisance companies. Don’t think for a minute that these businesses want to catch enough squirrels to even slow the population growth. Follow the money!!

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