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The Original Roadkill Cookbook

The book that started it all…before the cafes, t-shirts, posters, and other pop culture celebrations. The culinary classic used to open ROADKILL, a whacked Canadian film of a rock and roll band lost up north. Found in glove boxes everywhere.

"Drivers of log trucks and highway rigs already know where the highway supermarket is. They see it day after day. For what to do while there and how to fix those yellowline yummies, read The Original Roadkill Cookbook. You will find it both amusing and useful."
Log Trucker

The Original Road Kill Cover
The Sponsored "Meals Under Wheels" Recipe Book

ISBN: 0-89815-200-3

"Viewed objectively, Peterson’s book is hilarious."
Look at those Oysters....John Owen, Seattle Post Intelligencer

"With this book, no gaps in game cookery remain unfilled."
Sports Afield

"…the perfect put-on to leave in plain sight the next time serious foodies stop by to check out your culinary skills." Playboy

"…for pure silliness…how can you do anything but love a book that begins, ‘Have you ever noticed how fat game warden’s kids are?"
Gray’s Sporting Journal

"Few people in this world can take something utterly revolting and make it amusing. Fewer still can take something disgusting and eat it. Buck Peterson does both with his book, The Original Roadkill Cookbook. What saves the "Roadkill Cookbook" from being a book in bad taste (instead of a book about things that taste bad) is Peterson’s combination of practical advice for the hungry highway scavenger and his wicked wit."
Times Tribune

""This guy’s not kidding! Well, he is kidding, but he’s serious too. Buck Peterson takes a generally disgusting subject and makes it hilariously funny. And edible… With a good sense of humor and a strong stomach, you will find this book entertaining and thought-provoking, but you might want to keep it in another room when you have friends over for dinner."
United Press Syndicate

"%*#! you, you sicko, get professional help!"
on a postcard from Tampa, Florida

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