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"A moment this magical comes along only six or seven times in a lifetime."

Buck's Lodge on Big Babe Lake has been the site of many happy occasions like celebrating limits on walleyes, a whitetail wall-hanger, an increase in non-resident license fees and dumping the old lady or old man. The lodge has hosted more weddings than divorces and Buck has become the authority on the joining of hands and other body parts in holy (and some less holy) union. Much of Buck's marital advice has been dispensed in the closing hours of the Valhalla Lounge and his intentions are as pure as the snow back by the kennels.

ISBN 0-7679-2135-6

Couples renting lodge rooms by the day or hour have often lamented "If we had only known" about the myriad details that guarantee memorable weddings. In the spirit of selfless public service, Buck has assembled the most useful tips to plan your special day such as shotgun firearm safety, the use of large animals in the ceremony, where the warden should sit and roadkill as reception food. The book's cover price is less than last round in the lounge. Congratulations! And Have a Nice Day!

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