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A freshly ground blend of all new roadside recipes, bound in a cute, little die-cut shape of a sport-utility vehicle. Start with an appetizer of Queasy-dillos, a lunch of Sum Yung Pup to satisfy an exotic mid-day craving and motor on for dinner and a hefty portion of Carnage Asada or Horned Beef Hash. The last word in cruising’ cuisine…until Buck takes the reins of the NASA command module!

Totaled Cover

ISBN: 0-89087-812-9
Out of Print

And for the Menu Today...."…Roadside shopping is open 24 hours of the day and you can’t beat the prices…The Totaled Roadkill Cookbook includes recipes for opossum, raccoon, rabbit, turtle and rat. There’s Chipped Monk on Toast, Squiche Lorraine and others. You can’t say it’s in bad taste until you’ve tried." Kansas City Star

"First there was The Original Roadkill Cookbook, which set new standards for tastelessness (no pun intended). This was exceeded in wretchedness by The International Roadkill Cookbook, and now the world reels (and gags probably) at the appearance of the third in this ghastly series. Die-cut in the shape of a SUV, Totaled contains such culinary masterpieces as Kitty a’ la King, Ground Ground Hog Hog, Bumper Thumper, and Carnage Asada. You get the idea. As with its predecessors, Totaled is spoiled by the fact that its recipes are excellent if you substitute something edible for the original main ingredients. It’s just the right size to fit into a glove compartment, and at under six bucks, it will make you smile and say, "Yummy!"
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