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The Compleat Waterfou(w)ler
"A Discourse on Duck Hunting with a Little Goose on the Side."

From the moral base camp of the Valhalla Lounge deep inside Buck’s Duck Lodge and Advanced Plucking Center on Big Babe Lake, Buck Peterson and his hunting pig Dorothy provide the latest skinny on calling waterfowl, identifying individual game species such as the rare Jemima Puddle Duck, identifying flight patterns of the Flying Blue-Winged Devils, a duck’s interpretation of the near-death experience, and measuring trophy duck using the well-ignored Boom and Crockpot standards system. Also at great personal and professional risk, Buck pulls the tarpaulin off the canine conspiracy to dominate the retriever world, and guides the serious water-fowler to the advantages of owning a hunting pig.

Waterfouler Cover

ISBN: 1-55821-391-0

Take This you ........."A distinctly different angle than my namesake’s distinguished tome on another water sport."
Sir Fig "Cookie" Newton, Masterpiece Fishing, BBC

"Buck’s latest effort will not disappoint his fans; it’s not always in the best possible taste (quite often, it’s in the worst possible taste) but it’s usually pretty darn funny. As with Buck’s preceding works, it’s marred by some actual good advice on waterfowl hunting, but this should not spoil it for too many readers. And Buck’s proposal for replacing water dogs with water pigs is nothing less than visionary. You think I’m kidding?"
Field & Stream

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